Where to Find Public Records

Find Public Records in the City or County Office of the Secretary

If you are looking for records filed in the local government level, such as marriage licenses, tax records, building permits, or certificates of birth You can usually find public records of this behavior in the office of the clerk of the city or county in which the documents were released. It’s smart to call the city or county clerk’s office or visit its website before learning about office hours, types of memory available to the public, and any applicable fees. Furthermore, if the memory is great, they can be stored in the clerk’s office and can be archived offsite in which case you may need to submit your application in writing.

Find Public Records in the courthouse

If you need to get records public related to criminal or civil trial courts, you’ll likely need to visit the courthouse where the case was handled. Again, it’s smart to call the courthouse or visit his website to find out if the documents are stored onsite, and if so, what process you should follow to see or obtain copies of Public Records records.

through Find Your State Office Vital Statistics

To find public records such as the adoption records, birth records, death certificates and no longer stored in the city or county clerk’s, you may need to contact your state office of vital statistics. Full name of the office of your state may have to “Statistical Office of Sana,” “Bureau of Health Statistics,” or some other differences. In general, these offices are part of your state department of public health. You can usually ask for copies of public records for which it is entitled to receive and submit a written request, contact the office by phone or by filling the form online. According to a variety of public records, you may need to verify your identity and relationship with someone who for the record were issued.

Find Public Records Online


Many is published in the online database where you can get the memory of public without leaving your home. Government agencies and private groups such as community and commercial geneaological military service records databases containing records of criminal offender, birth and death records, marriage records, and more. This does not mean that information is free, however. You need to join or pay a service fee for copies of records.

is the best way to Find Public Records?

The best way to get public information depends on the type of memory you need, such as how often you plan on watching and recording. For example, if you just need a copy of your child’s birth certificate, and contact the clerk of the county or state vital records office is simple and generally inexpensive. On the other hand, if you need to do background verification on job applicants regularly, you may find that joining the service of search records are smarter, faster, and less costly choice.

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